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Lillegården Recource Centre
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Lillegården kompetansesenter

Lillegården Resource Centre

Main perspectives in School Development Projects

A schoolbased approach

  • Develop teachers' knowledge on inclusive education strategies for all pupils in ordinary schools.
  • Training the entire school staff in use of a team models for analytic understanding and managing of learning and behavioural problems.

Main focus

  • school development
  • learning environment
  • problem behaviou

Specific focus

We want to move from focusing on faults and shortcomings within the pupils, towards an understanding which emphasize possible maintaining factors in the learning environment.

Problem behaviour can be maintained by different factors in the pupils' learning environment, such as:

  • The relationship between pupil and teacher
  • The teacher's capability as a leader
  • Differentiation of teaching
  • Pupils' motivation and their experiences of coping
  • Challenges and demands on the pupils
  • Lack of encouragement
  • Inadequate social skills

Lillegården Resource Centre is part of the Norwegian Support System for Special Education (Statped). We work in schools and municipalities all over Norway. We are an organization of 15 people. The Resource Centre is situated in Porsgrunn, Norway.

Updated: 20.06.2008 14:30